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Art is too awesome to package in a defined universe! Painting has allowed me the true freedom to release that which comes from within onto a surface. Although I still enjoy landscape, portraiture and still life studies from time to time abstract is my true passion. The freedom of expression, colour, texture, scale and content is without restriction. It is completely liberating and the possibilities are limitless!!!!

I completed the usual art studies in Vancouver and seriously considered furthering my education at a variety of art institutes ; however my eagerness for world travel got the better of me! I resided in the Caribbean, South America and Europe. During my travels I developed a global vision of Art. The exposure to different cultures inspired me to create more diverse compositions.

In recent years I have engaged in dialogue with artists of all genres and have immersed myself in a variety of art forms. These experiences have been very special and enlightening !

Working with Interior decorators, Designers and Staging companies has also brought me a lot of joy as I love the process of bringing a room together and Art is an important part of that.

I would like to thank the private collectors and all those who appreciate and support my art. I am honoured and very grateful! :)

“ Good for the soul”